Slavic Settlements of VIII–X Centuries in the Ukrainian Carpathians

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ISBN: 978-617-664-057-8

Publish year: 2014

Genre: Archeology

Age categories: Adult

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Slavic Settlements of VIII–X Centuries in the Ukrainian Carpathians
Mykhaylo Fylypchuk

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 The monograph shows a new way to evaluate the findings of Slavic settlements that belong to the last quarter of the 1st millennium AD in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Improvement of traditional and new methods of scientific research over the past thirty years allowed to create fundamentally new source base and to apply a systematic approach in its processing. Th is, in its turn, forms a weighty background for identifying patterns of settlement of the first (VIII – early IX centuries) and the second (early ІХ–Х centuries) periods of the culture in that region; justifying a dynamic landscape type of economy; laying down the problem of origin and functioning of the polis structured Slavic community. Of course, the work in this area is still at an early stage. We do not aim at finding answers to all poorly resolved and disputable problems of early medieval period in the history of Ukrainian Carpathian. Th e main objective of this work is to maximize the objectivity in highlighting the results of archeological research and to show the advantages of the proposed approaches and perspectives in the development of the specified problems.
The book is intended for archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, ethnographers, students and those who are interested in Ukrainian past and culture.

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