Ukrainian Land Forces: 13th Army Corps, its History and Symbols

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ISBN: 978-617-664-005-9

Publish year: 2012

Genre: Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Amount: 268 pages

Size: 24×17 см

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

Ukrainian Land Forces: 13th Army Corps, its History and Symbols
Myhajlo Slobodianiuk

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This book is a second part of a great original project that purposes to cover a complicated process of formation of the Land Forces of the Ukrainian Army Forces during the whole period of Ukrainian independence. He pays special attention to the history and symbols of the 13th Army Corps that became a part of the Ukrainian Army Forces in the of 1991. At present their units and formations are situated on the territory of Rivne, Volyn, Lviv, Transcarpatia, Chernivtsi, and Ternopil Regions of Ukraine. The Corps are part of the Main Forces of Defence of the Ukrainian Army Forces. Symbols of command units, of units and formations of air-mobile forces, of missile forces and artillery, of aviation and anti-aircraft defence, of secret service and REF, of signal service and engineer forces, of radiochemical defence, and of logistics are also available in the book. The book is intended for scientists, lecturers, cadets and students of military and civil schools and for all who is interested in history and symbols of Ukrainian military units.
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