The Ukrainian Ground Forces: Sleeve Insignia (1992–2012)

The Ukrainian Ground Forces: Sleeve Insignia (1992–2012) Slobodianiuk M. V.

Print Edition (286 pages)
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This book is the result of the author’s long work on his scientific study of sleeve insignia of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. This element of a military uniform had a shortest history as compared to other patterns of military symbols and had been finding its final development during the 20th century. Regardless of the fact that sleeve insignia became the most widespread element of military symbols, unfortunately it never got worthy scientific view during the 20th century replacing it exceptionally with publications of examples of these symbols from various armies of the world. The present study tries to overcome this drawback. For research scientists, military historians, lecturers, all categories of military men, especially cadets and students of both military and civil educational institutions as well as all those who is interesting in symbols of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military formations of armies of the world.


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Product code: 00180

ISBN: 978-617-664-157-5

Publish year: 2017

Genre: History, Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 24×17 см

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white


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