A Roof Over Your Head New

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Product code: 00340

ISBN: 978-617-664-261-9

Publish year: 2024

Genre: Tutorials

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Black & white

A Roof Over Your Head

Restore, Build, Preserve. A Guide for Ukrainians Whose Buildings Were Damaged in the War with russia
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With this manual, we want to help people of Ukraine build new or restore low-rise houses and plots destroyed by war and time in different regions. The book explains how to restore a plot of land or choose a suitable one for a new building, how to place the necessary structures, and how to determine the necessary costs for the gradual creation of housing for your family for many years. The recommendations are based on Ukrainian regional traditions, modern technologies and the use of local building materials, while adhering to standards and safety requirements. When starting work on building or restoring your roof over your head, you should make the most of the experience of specialists in the relevant type of construction work as well as find an opportunity to view technical literature on architecture and construction.
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