Silmarillion J.R.R. Tolkien

This book – the legendary herald of The Lord of the Rings – proposes an integral mythological history of the skilfully fantasised, but still so real world of Middle-Earth. Harmonious and connected codex that tells the story about the epic struggle between the good and the evil includes the following separate works: Ainulindalë is the myth about the Creation of the world, the appearance of the Evil and the causes of the Fall; Valaquenta is the overview of the hierarchy of the divine powers, depiction of their character and their role in the Creation; Quenta Silmarillion is the story of the revolt of Fëanor and his kin against the gods, expatriation of the rebels from Valinor and their return to Middle-Earth, as well it is the story of the hopeless – nevertheless the sacrificial courage – war with the great Enemy for the Silmarils (the perfect jewellery created by Fëanor and stolen by Morgoth); Akallabêth tells the story of the fall of the great island kingdom Númenor in the end of the Second Age while the tale Of The Rings of Power gives a short revision of the noble events of the Third Age, first of all the course of the War of the One Ring.


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