Combat technique. Volume 1, part 2

Combat technique. Volume 1, part 2 Hans von Dach

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A fundamental Swiss manual on accidence of army combat by the author of Total Resistance. The technics of modern combat and command of military units, intelligence service and counter-sabotage, special aspects of weapon employment, building fortifications and engineer obstacles, rules of organizing movement and accomodation, army supply, sanitary service, military schooling, etc are described here in detail and in layman’s terms. The professional though passionate text by a military expert and patriot has the mighty potential and may be easily digested being completed with drafts, diagrams and tables. The manual is intended for military officers, sergeants and common soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as all those who would like to prepare in the proper way to defend their country against an adversary’s aggression and increase their chances of surviving in combat. The principles of accomodation, guard service, transportation and organization of marches as well as basics of command of a platoon and a company, ground fortification, intelligence service and security are revealed in this part.

ATTENTION! Books contain some effective armed, combat and defensive technics which, obviously, are dangerous, and their illegal application can have serious consequences and result in criminal pursuit. The edition should not be passed to the hands of the persons who have not attained the age of 18.


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ISBN: 978-617-664-167-4

Publish year: 2015

Genre: Military literature

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