Tomek on the Black Continent

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Product code: 00012

ISBN: 978-966-8657-89-4

Publish year: 2011

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Children

Tomek on the Black Continent
Alfred Szklarski

Szklarski Alfred
It is a second book in Alfred Szklarski’s (1912–1992), a famous Polish writer, legendary series about wonderful adventures of a young traveler Tomek Wilmowski. This is a story of his dangerous expedition together with a trappers’ party onto the Equatorial Africa. There the boy hunts for lions, giraffes, gorillas, rhinos and other exotic animals, trying to confirm his authority as a skillful hunter, which he gained during his previous trip to Australia. He also defeats mean slave trader, wins a fight with the real cannibals and becomes renown as a great magician. In Africa Tomek befriends Masai-warriors, an experienced guide Hunter, and a Negro-boy Sambo, whom he delivers from slavery… Soon after the expedition Tomek will start to a new one and no less exciting: a voyage to America.
About author
Alfred Szklarski (1912–1992) ― a Polish writer. He debuted with adventure stories published in Polish periodicals in 1940s; a participant of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. After the war he worked for a long time as an editor in the publishing house Śląsk. More details
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