Tomek on Martial Path

Tomek on Martial Path Szklarski Alfred

Print Edition (352 pages)
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This is a continuation of a legendary book series about the wonderful adventures of a young traveler Tomek Wilmowski written by Alfred Szklarski (1912–1992), a famous Polish youth writer. The novel tells us of Tomek`s and his friend boatswain Nowicki voyage to North America while they visits Sally in New-Mexico and have to recruit a group of Indians for an European circus. But an adventurous boy becomes involved in a stormy life of Mexican borderline and he befriends an Indian man called Red Eagle and leader of a rebels called Black Lightning. Tomek hunts for eagles, takes part in a rodeo and all of a sudden wins a horse race, having got a rich Mexican rancher as a powerful enemy. At last their enmity turns into real war. Sally`s kidnapped and Tomek has to rescue her, but fortunately he`s got a lot of reliable friends to try and help him. The next thing awaiting for Tomek is a travel to India, Tibet and China.


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Product code: 00011

ISBN: 978-966-8657-95-5

Publish year: 2011

Genre: Children's and Youth Literature, Fiction literature

Age categories: Children

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 20×13 см

Illustrations: Black & white


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