Total resistance: A small war warfare manual for everyone. Parts 1 and 2 18+

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Product code: 00156

ISBN: 978-617-664-072-1

Publish year: 2015

Genre: Military literature

Age categories: Adult (18+)

Total resistance: A small war warfare manual for everyone. Parts 1 and 2
Hans von Dach

Hans von Dach
The legendary book by the Swiss military theorist Major Hans von Dach is a fine manual designed to teach how to win even when it seems that an adversary is an unbeatable and considerably superior military power. The author reveals moral principles, strategic goals, tactics and military technics of so called small war. A prime principle is the idea that struggle for freedom does not finish even after crushing defeat in a regular war, even after utter destruction of an army. The principles of organization of Resistance movement, creation of small war units, supplying them arms, weapons, foodstuff s, realization of acts of sabotage, roadblocks, methods of actions against counterinsurgency operations of an enemy etc are revealed with extraordinary clearness. The book is illustrated with the author's numerous drafts which greatly facilitate adoption of material representing examples of battle acts and technics of resistance.
About author
Hans von Dach (1927–2003), a major of Swiss army, military theorist, author of numerous works on tactics, in particular army manuals. In 1970–1980s he works in Education Section of Swiss Defence Department. More details
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