Ukraine in the twentieth century: 1900–1920

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Product code: 00082

ISBN: 978-966-8657-56-6

Publish year: 2010

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Black & white

Ukraine in the twentieth century: 1900–1920
Valentyn Moroz

This book is based on the lectures by Valentyn Moroz which he read in different stages of his life. It covers an interval of 1900–20 and presents the first part of a great project — to try and embrace all crucial moments of Ukrainian history in XX century. The author exhibits vivid narrative manner and atticism; he portrays historical personages using felicitous characteristics, underlines non-typical moments and the most controversial themes, and challenges both official and widely-propagated modernistic historiographies. The book is interesting of itself but to an intellectually honest reader it also offers an opportunity to understand more deeply the complicated and dramatic history of our state.
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