From Today to Morrow...

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Product code: 00078

ISBN: 978-617-664-007-3

Publish year: 2012

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

From Today to Morrow...
Larysa Krushelnytska

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This is a collection of social and political essays by Larysa Krushelnytska, a doctor of historical sciences and an honourable director of Vasyl Stefanyk National Scientific Library of Lviv. In these essays she raises many urgent issues that emerge in different spheres of Ukrainian life, and describes mechanisms and technical specificities in functioning of one of the largest Ukrainian libraries. A special thrill of the book may be the author’s letters to the highest Ukrainian officials and their responses to her. The book is intended for a wide circle of readers.
About author
Larysa Krushelnytska (1928–2017) — a Ukrainian archeologist, writer, social activist. She was educated at Stuttgart Academy of Art, Lviv State University. Over 40 years she worked in Institute of Social Sciences of Academy of Science of the Ukrainian SSR, and from 1991 till 2003 headed Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv Scientific Library. More details
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