Introduction to the History of Ukraine: Textbook

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Product code: 00077

ISBN: 978-617-664-053-0

Publish year: 2014

Genre: Tutorials, History

Age categories: Adult, Juvenile, Children

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

Introduction to the History of Ukraine: Textbook
Andrij Zakalyuk

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Introduction to the History of Ukraine is a textbook that deals with the whole period of our Motherland’s history from the very ancient ages till modern times, paying special attention to the most important events of each epoch. It has easy-to-use subject materials, divided into chapters with abundant commented illustrations, which will help to create the wholesome image of the History of Ukraine. And separate issues like Vocabulary, Dates to Remember, and Questions at the end of each chapter will be useful to learn each topic more easily and qualitatively. Elaborately developed in strict accordance with educational programme requirements for the pupils of 5th forms of Ukrainian general schools, this textbook will be also interesting for a wider circle of readers and its patriotic indications will undoubtedly contribute to the rise of their civic responsibility. 
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