High Mobility (Airmobile) Forces of Ukraine. 1991–2017

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ISBN: 978-617-664-113-1

Publish year: 2018

Genre: History, Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

High Mobility (Airmobile) Forces of Ukraine. 1991–2017
Oleh Feschowetz, Myhajlo Slobodianiuk

The book is the first attempt in Ukrainian historiography to systematically cover the history and insignia of the most combat-effective units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — its High Mobility Airborne Forces, formerly Airmobile Forces. A significant part of units of the Ukrainian Airborne Forces has a rather long history dating back to the Second World War, and some were created only recently. Now they prove their right to be considered an elite army in military operations against the Russian aggressor in the East of Ukraine. On the pages of the publication, the reader can get acquainted with the history of this military branch, with heroic deeds of the struggle against the Nazi and Russian occupiers as well as its modern insignia. For researchers, teachers of military-educational and civilian higher educational establishments, regular schools, cadets and students as well as for all who are not indifferent to the military history of their own state and its army.
About author
Oleh Feschowetz (b. 1964) ― a Ukrainian philosopher, military historian, publicman and publisher. Many a year he taught phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche in Lviv university, and in 2012 decided to leave the university and concentrated on publishing activity, mostly. More details
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