One is Always Too Good to Women. An Irish Novel by Sally Mara

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Product code: 00210

ISBN: 978-617-664-158-2

Publish year: 2019

Series: Irish novel

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 256 pages

Size: 17×12 см

One is Always Too Good to Women. An Irish Novel by Sally Mara
Raymond Queneau

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With a woman aboard, there’s trouble ahead. And what about a barricaded post office of Dublin, yet British, when it was occupied by rebels, ready to give their lives for the freedom of Ireland, and meanwhile a young British postwoman lurked in the toilet room? Without her, all of this would be simple: the brave Irish guys would shoot in the British, and so would beat their path to glory… But now their names should be not on the front page of the world history, but only on the pages of a mystification by Raymond Queneau (1903–1976), a writer, translator, essayist, the member of the Goncourt Academy.
About author
Raymond Queneau (1903–1976) — a French writer, journalist, poet, translator, great illusionist and juggler in the history of French literature. A co-founder of the Experimental Workshop of Potential Literature (OULIPO), staff member of the Gallimard Publishing House and, since 1951, juryman of the Goncourt Literary Prize. More details
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