The Canterbury Tales. Part I

The Canterbury Tales. Part I Geoffrey Chaucer

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This is the first Ukrainian translation of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343–1400), a masterpiece of the classic English literature. The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories told by pilgrims on a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury. The narrators include representatives of almost all strata of the English society of the time, and their stories, very diverse thematically, offer a good glimpse of their lifestyle. In a way, The Canterbury Tales can be read as an encyclopedia of the life of the medieval society. In addition to its brilliant and uniquely ironic style, this masterpiece creates a vibrant and infinitely kind account brimming with boundlessly faith in humankind. It is striking in its extraordinary ability to admire even the most horrible traits its characters may exhibit. The present edition is illustrated with fragments of the Ellesmere Manuscript (1410).


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Product code: 00215

ISBN: 978-617-664-226-8

Publish year: 2021

Genre: Fiction literature, Poetry

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 20×13 см

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white


The Best Books of the Year Were Announced at the Publishers Forum in Lviv


On September 19, in Lviv, at the Palace of Arts, the results of the country’s main book award — BookForum Best Book Award — were announced. Geoffrey Chaucer’s book “The Canterbury Tales. In Two Volumes” won in the nomination “Classical Foreign Literature in Ukrainian Translation”.

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Ukrainian Book of the Year Rating


A four-day expert session of the Book of the Year Rating has identified the shortlists of the most booming editions of 2019. We start publishing them from the shortlist of “eternal” books — the best novelties of classics.

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Andrii Kuk-Knyholiub


I confess that Chaucer destroyed my ideas about medieval literature (the work was written around 1400). Up to now, I have thought it’s something extremely boring, separate from real life. It has turned out to be really not true.

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Oksana Dumanska


If, in the text of a published book, you come across both irony and burlesque, you want to start your review of it with a joke. When Geoffrey Chaucer wrote “A Treatise on the Astrolabe” for his son, relying on ancient Arab astronomical clever-cleverness, he did not think that it would be in Lviv publishing house with such an “astronomical” name that his “Canterbury Tales” would be published — for the first time in Ukrainian.

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Winners of BookForum Best Book Award Are Announced in Lviv


The winner in the nomination Classical Foreign Literature in the Ukrainian Translation is the two-volume “Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer, the Astrolabe Publishing.

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The 5 Most Important Translation Books of 2019 That You May Not Have Noticed

Selection of the literary critic Yevhen Stasinevych


This may seem like a conservative posture, but a similar thesis is rather a statement of fact: perhaps the best translated prose of the year was the translation of the age-old — it’s also “dusty” — classics. Both the words “classics” and “translation” are important here. First, Chaucer is one of the real, not fictional, parents of all subsequent European prose, though he wrote a rough volume of novelettes in verse.

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Geoffrey Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales. Parts І, ІІ


The first Ukrainian translation of the masterpiece by Geoffrey Chaucer, a classic of English literature (c. 1343–1400). This is a collection of stories that pilgrims, who have decided to go on pilgrimage to St. Thomas Beckett’s Tomb in Canterbury, tell each other.

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Awkward Texts for Politically Correct West. Why The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer Are Worth Reading

Illya Prokopenko


58 years old Maksym Strikha has been translating the Canterbury Tales by an English poet of the fourteenth century, Geoffrey Chaucer, in five years. Two volumes of novelettes in verse and prose have been published by the Astrolabe Publishing in Lviv. The total volume is 1072 pages.

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Book Lviv: How It Is Worth to Replenish Your Home Library

By Marta Hosovska


First, it is such a long-awaited and the first in time Ukrainian translation of a masterpiece by Geoffrey Chaucer, a classic of English literature. Maksym Strikha has done such a tremendous amount of work and a translation of such quality (though I scarsely am well-versed in Old English) that one can only bow low before him and wait for his new translations.

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The Best Ukrainian Books of 2019 According to PEN

Natalia Bushkovska


Last year, the PEN Ukraine Non-Governmental Organization, created to protect freedom of speech and authors’ rights, introduced a tradition — in the last days of December PEN shares with you a list of the best Ukrainian books of the year. In the Foreign Literature nomination there are even two editions of the Astrolabe Publishing: a two-volume novel by Jacek Dukaj and the two-volume “Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer.

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