Soldier. Military Man’s Combat Manual New

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Product code: 00345

Publish year: 2024

Genre: Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

Soldier. Military Man’s Combat Manual
The Swedish Armed Forces

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Military Man’s Combat Manual primarily contains instructions and advice on how to behave on and off the battlefield. In some cases, the book also describes the course of events and gives a background to the activities of your unit and your actions. Military Man’s Combat Manual also contains certain provisions on the actions of soldiers, patrols and squads in the field that are not found in other publications of the Armed Forces. Military Man’s Combat Manual is also designed for instructors, who can use it as an aid in basic training of soldiers and, to some extent, in training of specialists and units.
The book presents the basic knowledge that all soldiers should have, regardless of whether they belong to the army, navy or air force. You yourself should feel partially responsible for learning the content. Therefore, the book is designed to facilitate self-study.
However, knowledge is not everything. The ability to resist and defeat the enemy ultimately depends on your willingness to endure the hardships of combat and persevere, despite the danger to your life, until you have accomplished the tasks assigned to you.


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